Seaside Sustainability Policy

Tourism brings considerable economic benefits to destinations, but if managed incorrectly, it can create a heavy burden upon local environments, infrastructures and society. With this in mind, Seaside Hotels continuously seeks to further its commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We do this by identifying the impacts relevant to our business and by putting processes into place across daily operations to prevent, reduce or mitigate negative outcomes and to strengthen the positive environmental, economic and social benefits.

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Taking care of the planet together.

Grand Hotel Residencia Sustainability Report

Every year we work hard to make continuous improvements across a range of environmental and social indicators. We collect, analyse and review hundreds of pieces of data from water and energy use through to customer satisfaction scores, and we hold regular meetings with our staff to discuss opportunities and challenges. 

We’d like to share some of the highlights of our sustainability journey this year as well as reflecting on how far we’ve come since 2015.